Quantity surveying — or cost management — is crucial in helping clients and project teams make informed decisions on project trajectories. We ensure effective communication between team members concerning budgets and cost plans, proactively assisting in the achievement of project aspirations. We also continuously review and monitor cost plans, mitigating any possible requirement for last-minute value engineering.

Our ability to provide an accurate service is based on the growing cost data we hold, which includes detailed unit rates, high-level elemental rates, subcontractor costs and contract sum analysis documentation. We support clients in working towards zero carbon emissions, providing cost studies for available options and whole-life cycle cost analysis — low carbon buildings don’t have to be expensive.

Circle can facilitate the drafting and execution of contracts, appropriately assigning risk to the correct parties to ensure fair and balanced outcomes. We can also provide input for contract documentation, helping ensure commercial robustness and providing the basis for obtaining best-value fixed prices.