For design and build projects, a developer may appoint an employer’s agent to administer the construction contract on their behalf. The focus of the work is to manage the delivery of a project from the client’s perspective and make sure that the actions detailed in the contract are successfully carried out. We are often asked to combine the role of employer’s agent with that of project manager.

We work proactively in the administration of contract documentation, ensuring that all members of a project team have a clear understanding of their roles and obligations. Our employer’s agent service can also include the review of contractor information, consideration of items submitted for approval by the contractor, managing change control procedures, preparing progress reports for the client team, validating payments, monitoring inspections and certifying practical completion. When issues occur, we work closely with the team to find solutions.

An employer’s agent appointment usually begins at the inception of a project, and we act as a single point of contact between the client’s development team and the contractor’s site team. We continually work on building relationships with all project stakeholders, and this is key to our ability to manage any conflicts or disputes — it’s widely accepted that disputes not well handed can cause delays and increase costs. Throughout the construction period, we take a hands-on approach to conflict management, putting forward possible resolutions and keeping projects on track.